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John was born and bred in Milton, an area of Glasgow once twinned with Beirut (although no one from Beirut ever came to Milton) and where being able to keep on your toes and survive as an 'arty' type probably honed the skills necessary to succeed in a cut-throat world of a different kind: the music business.

Plus it also provided him with a plethora of stories to tell...a classic rags to riches story with a smile and an infectious sense of humour!

John's first real musical inspiration was a rebellious love of early punk, but when he heard the emergence of boy bands like Boyzone and Take That he thought: "I can write that!"  And hundreds of millions of sales later with a catalogue of chart topping hits to his name, it would appear he was right.

Although today Glasgow is a hotbed of musical creativity, John made the then traditional move down to London, and with a mixture of natural talent, imagination, guile, tenacity, and often simply by means of a brass neck, ingratiated himself into the world of emerging industry moguls like Simon Cowell, who he now counts as a lifelong friend.  This journey was to take him round the world as an in-demand songwriter and producer for numerous foreign artists, whilst back in the UK he was appearing in - and the subject of - numerous TV documentaries, and was enlisted as the music coach for BBC's Fame Academy.

His varied career has seen him writing chart toppers for Westlife, McFly, 5ive, 911, Blue, Liberty X, Cliff Richard, Sandi Thom (yes the publicity surrounding 'Punk Rocker' was one of John's brainwaves) plus too many others to mention, and saw him successfully negotiating a major deal for Busted with Cowell whilst on the steps of the church at his own wedding!  He has also forged many friendships along the way with people like Rod Stewart and Gary Barlow as well as producing many of his heroes such as Ian McCulloch (Echo & The Bunnymen), Shane McGowan, Lulu, Marti Pellow, and recently spent six months in LA working and staying with Lamont Dossier of Holland Dossier Holland fame, the creators of Motown (which was 'pretty cool', even in John's book).

Yet despite this, John is one of the most laid back and modest guys you will ever meet.  He will have a room full of people hanging on his every word and roaring with laughter - he is a natural raconteur - and yet is still genuinely amazed that anyone actually wants to hear any of his stories!  He still counts' 'success' as the moment his newsagent in Chisick started saying good morning to him on a daily basis!

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