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Comedian - after dinner speaker - BURNS NIGHT SPECIALIST

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Bruce Fummey has been speaking from the age of 7 months. Starting early in his speaking career, he has had several hundred months to perfect the art of performing and now delights audiences across the country with his natural verbosity and flair

Bruce's illustrious after dinner speaking career, a contributory factor to his current girth, dates back to school days, when playing the lead role in Oliver Twist, standing up after dinner he uttered thE immortal words: “Is it OK if I eat the boy next to me?”

A past President of Perth Speakers Club, IN 2001 he was the National Speech competition winner for the ‘UK’s Speakers Clubs’, and in April 2005 Bruce won the ‘Wag of the Year’ held in Glasgow

Bruce has had 7 runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, selling out twice and receiving 5 Star reviews from several national newspapers.

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