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Joyce Falconer was raised in Torry, a distinct area of Aberdeen famous for fish, flinty tongues and formidable characters...

She went on to study drama at R.S.A.M.D in Glasgow where she won the 'Duncan Macrae Memorial Prize for Scots Verse'

SHE has enjoyed roles including ‘Titania’, ‘Mary Magdelene’, ‘Jean Armour’, ‘Josie the Junkie’, AND MADE her maiden flight as Fairy Godmother in H.M.T Aberdeen's Centenary Panto in 2005

HER T.V credits include’ Taggart’, ‘Crimefile’, ‘Cardiac Arrest 1&2’, and ‘Finney’, but it is her role of 'Roisin' in the BBC Scotland soap 'River City' for which she is PROBABLY most renowned

In 1995 SHE was awarded 'Bighearted Entertainer of the Year' for her EFFORTS ANDcontribution to charities in post-tsunami Sri Lanka

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