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robbie glen

former prison governor - inventor - after dinner speaker

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Robbie has served several prison sentences: as Governor of Castle Huntly Young Offenders Institution, deputy of Dungavel Prison and as Acting Governor of Barlinnie Prison, as well as covener of Cornton Vale, Scotland’s only female establishment.

Famous crime writer and gritty poet William McIlvaNney based his story ‘The Prisoner’ on him after he visited Robbie at Dungavel.

Married with two daughters, the younger of whom is profoundly handicapped. Robbie developed a walking aid with his staff and prisoners in 1981 which is now being used in over 40 hospitals and schools in Scotland to teach handicapped children how to walk.

Robbie played junior football professionally, but his career was cut short tragically due to lack of ability. He still holds the Lanarkshire Schoolboy 440 yards record, primarily as it’s now gone metric...

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