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Clare Grogan is the front of 80’s Scottish new wave/post punk sensations Altered Images. The band were known for their up tempo happy pop tunes and Clare still bops around the stage like a teenager.

Altered Images have an array of famous artistes who happily describe themselves as fans, from Florence + the Machine to the Foo Fighters. Their hit song 'Happy Birthday' has been covered by Courtney Love, The Ting Tings and The Wedding Party to name but a few. Their songs constantly turn up in the soundtracks to movies and adverts and Clare recently performed on stage with hit band of the moment, The Drums, who described her as ‘their favourite pop idol’.

Clare is also an actress and is well known for her rolls in Red Dwarf and 80’s cult movie Gregory’s Girl.

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Some of the songs you expect to hear:

Happy Birthday • See Those Eyes • I could be Happy • Bring Me Closer • Pinky Blue • Don’t Talk To Me About Love • And Many More

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