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XSP Entertainments is an Entertainment Agency based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

We specialise in providing live music for corporate functions and weddings, tribute shows, after dinner speakers and comedians.

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From the creators of Diáspora, we present: PHASMA. Phasma is a contemporary and versatile soul, funk and R&B band, creating dazzling live entertainment for venues, festivals, weddings, parties, private and corporate events and special occasions around the UK. Phasma brings together a group of musicians from all over the UK. Its members are all top notch musicians who have played with some of the UK's top artists across the jazz and funk circuits appearing nationally and internationally and touring venues, festivals, theatres, hotels and cruise liners around the world.

Phasma is a universal word. It's all about music as a fundamentally human form of expression, and the power of music being able to reach out and touch people on a personal level. A person's soul can be their essence, that part of their being that can soar to the stratosphere. Phasma's sound pulls from the grass roots of blues and gospel, the musical manifestations of that essence, galvanises itself in the mettles of jazz and funk and sings from its guts, echoing a cry of euphoria that is felt the world over.

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