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Original Rubettes members Alan Williams, John Richardson and Mick Clarke at the start of the millennium reformed together as the ‘Rubettes featuring Alan Williams’ a necessary distinction for a virtually all Original band.

In 1974 Glam Rock group the Rubettes had a World wide No.1 hit with their now hugely famous pop classic ‘Sugar Baby Love’ followed in quick succession by a further 15 International Hit records including ‘Tonight’ ‘Juke Box Jive’ ‘I Can Do It’ and ‘Baby I Know’ to name but a few.

The Rubettes remained at the top throughout the seventies where with 8 albums they achieved record sales in excess of 30 million placing them amongst the most prolific chart toppers of the seventies having more hit records in the shortest amount of time than any other band.

The Rubettes were a very ‘live’ band and toured extensively thrilling audiences wherever they went. Their performances on TV, Radio and in Concert left all in no doubt of the talent and musical abilities that has never left them or those who will always have a place in their hearts for the Rubettes now firmly established in History as Icons of Rock n’Roll.

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Some of the songs you expect to hear:

Sugar Baby Love • Tonight • Juke Box Jive • I Can Do It • Baby I Know • And Many More

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