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XSP Entertainments is an Entertainment Agency based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

We specialise in providing live music for corporate functions and weddings, tribute shows, after dinner speakers and comedians.

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Backwater  are Scotlands Ultimate Status Quo tribute, voted as one of the finest Quo tribs in the UK, and the longest established in Scotland. Their take on the classic '70's hard rocking "Frantic Four" sound of Status Quo at their zenith, has been critically acclaimed to be the finest in Scotland.

Research, attention to detail in the composition of Quo's music and the onstage delivery from these four naturally talented musicians, has made Backwater an in demand act in all over the UK and beyond.

They were formed in 2008 by 4 experienced local musicians who when seeing the Scottish tribute scene was devoid of a Status Quo band,  decided to do something about it. 

From the outset, they decided to concentrate mainly on numbers from the 1970's hard rocking, 12 bar boogie sound of Status Quo at their zenith. They do however, also sprinkle their sets with singles and album tracks right up to the present day, making them the ultimate choice in Scotland for fans of Quo's music.

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Some of Quo's Biggest Hits:

Rockin' All Over The World • Paper Plane • Caroline • Roll Over Lay Down • Rain • Whatever You Want • Down Down • Down The Dustpipe • What Your Proposing • In The Army Now • Marguerita Time

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