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XSP Entertainments is an Entertainment Agency based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

We specialise in providing live music for corporate functions and weddings, tribute shows, after dinner speakers and comedians.

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Whigmaleerie are an experienced six-piece wedding and function, ceilidh & covers band from Aberdeenshire, who have been performing professionally at venues throughout The North East of Scotland, Moray, The Highlands and various other parts of Scotland.  Whigmaleerie are the perfect choice of band who will ensure that your wedding, function, party, or corporate event, is an occasion that will be affordable and enjoyable, leaving everyone with cherished memories.

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The dances are chosen for their popularity, simplicity and great enjoyment factor, and the steps can be called for those unfamiliar with ‘the moves’.

Whigmaleerie are renowned for their unique interpretation of pop/rock songs not only from the classic era of 50s to 70s, but also for their selected covers from the later decades. These are supplemented by classy performances of popular Country and Folk music favourites. For the younger guests, the latest original pre-recorded chart hits are played during the band break by request. This wide variety of genres promises everyone a splendid entertaining evening of dance, music and songs to suit all ages and tastes.

Whigmaleerie have an excellent reputation for their ‘live’ performances that not only demonstrate a genuine fun-filled rapport with their audience, but also their musical deftness and unique crafted ‘sound’.

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